5/22/2023 Release Notes: Now we have a tab for activity and comments!!

5/24/2023 Release Notes: Photo upload significantly more reliable

5/28/2023 Release Notes: We now have a feed, some new notifs, and lists are on profile

6/09/2023 Release Notes: We now have search by tag, notification badging, and tags

6/10/2023 Release Notes: Added timestamps for activity. All activity made before the change has the same created time.

6/11/2023 Release Notes: Defaults to login with google

6/12/2023 Release Notes: Shimmers on feed and list page. Init better, and persist data when closing app

6/14/2023 Release Notes: Shimmers on profile and activity, using fragments, lint rules, new create icon, new profile icon

6/16/2023 Release Notes: Ability to delete media!

6/20/2023 Release Notes: Show placeholders while uploading images

6/21/2023 Release Notes: Show confirmation modal before deleting items with images

6/26/2023 Release Notes: No huge client changes, but we're using a new list item representation!

6/30/2023 Release Notes: Search is much better! And new lizt item screen from search

7/04/2023 Release Notes: Creation is much better! And now has its own forever button

7/08/2023 Release Notes: List item screen much better and things getting prettier

7/09/2023 Release Notes: Feed is prettier and list item rows have tags!

7/14/2023 Release Notes: New logo and creation and feed ux improvements

08/05/2023 Release Notes: Creation, web, url, and deletion improvements

11/12/2023 Release Notes: Calendar, item actions, and finding the point of this app

Latest release: March 20 11:12am

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